What’s the difference between heuchera, heucherella and tiarella

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Gina W

Please can you tell me what the difference between the Heuchera, heucherella and tiarella and what plants would be best for a shaded area.

Many thanks

Hi Gina
Heucheras have coluful foliage, all have similar shaped foliage,with bell shaped flowers
Some love the sun such as red, black,purple,silver and some orange, others colours such as limes etc like shade all colours will live in part shade.
Tiarella are predominantly green with lobed or heart shaped foliage and often have a maroon /black baring on them, and white star like flowers.
These love part shade or full shade.
Heucherella are a hybrid of the two tiarella and heucheras these have different shaped leaves and markings, there are lots of different types, with flowers which are a mix between the two. These mainly prefer the part shade or shade
If you search for part shade and shade on the website using the search button it should bring up everything we sell for shade or part shade
Hope this helps
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Vicky and Richard Fox