What is the best way to protect my heucherella plants from vine weevil?

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Hi, can you please advise the best way to protect my heucherella plants from vine weevil. I have lost 4 plants this year all of which were in pots. I thought they were all ok but when I tried to tidy them up this last week all that was left was foliage on top of pot and no root left.
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Angela Lindsay

Hi Angela,
The best way to protect your plants from Vine weevil is to water with Nematodes in middle of August and again middle to end of September.
You can do them in the spring but the nematodes are temperature sensitive, below 6 degrees kills them.
Follow the instructions on the packet (no cutting corners )
Plants can be saved if all the roots have gone, but are still showing life.
Treat them like a large cutting as they have to re root. Don’t over water!
Hope this helps
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