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Heucherella ‘Gunsmoke’

This question was asked by
Mrs McCrae

Confused you had these in stock yay!!!! stating in stock , I went to purchase then it changed to out of stock Heucherella ‘Gunsmoke’

Hi Mrs McCrae
I’m sorry there were only a few
It appears someone beat you to it very sorry about that
At the moment I don’t have anymore
I do have heucherella Cracked ice which is quite similar
Sorry hopefully we will have more later
Varieties are selling as fast as we keep growing them
Thanks for your interest—-Gunsmoke—PBR-760.html—-Cracked-Ice–PBR-1223.html
Vicky and Richard Fox

I wish to order 2 heuchera Lipstick plants

This question was asked by
John tattersall

I wish to order 2 heuchera lipstick plants

Hi John
Heuchera lipstick are not quite ready to sell yet
We will have them ready very soon though
If you click the link here (at the bottom )
Then when on the heuchera lipstick page click the button that says ‘tell you when they are ready’
Add your email address and I will email when I make them live …then you won’t miss them then if you odrer straight away
Hope this helps
Thank you–Lipstick–PBR-723.html

Vicky and Richard Fox


This question was asked by
v dover

when is the best time to order heurecha as you mainly out of stock now of a lot of them , so want to put order in when you have full range

Hi Valerie
We carry so many varieties and some sell fast and some take longer
So we never get all ready at one time
A lot will be back at the middle of July but not all
They keep coming and going through the season
I have attached heuchera lipstick as this is one of the varieties that will be back soon
Hope this helps–Lipstick–PBR-723.html
Vicky and Richard Fox

BBC Gardeners World Live 2017

Another show over, and another lovely medal. Thanks so much to the judges at BBC Gardener’s World Live this year for a Platinum Award for our display. Vicky and Carol Klein are pictured above holding our newest award. This year marked 50 years of Gardeners World, so it was a really great atmosphere. Here are some photos of our finished display and the set up going on before the judging.

This week we are at RHS Harlow Carr, so if you’d like to follow along, make sure you like our Facebook page here.


This question was asked by
Sue Sharp

Just gone on your website to order Tiarella raspberry sundae at £7.50. P&p is marked as n/a. Does this mean the plant is not yet available?

Hi sue
The postage is only ever free if you are collecting from the nursery or a show
Please select specialist courier …this gives you any amount of plants from 1 to 101 for £9.95
Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox