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How much is Postage?

This question was asked by
J Grant Cathro

if buying a few plants what is the postage cost is it per plant what is the story with collections also
thank you

Postage is per order large or small it’s £9.95 for any amount of plants
Collect from nursery is as it says
You have arrange a day and time though.
You can collect from a show that we are attending if your going to that show
We cant get you into a show or meet you at the gate etc
Hope that helps
We have loads of beautiful plants to choose from So hope you find something to tickle your fancy
Below is heucbera peach crisp—HEUCHERA—-Peach-crisp–PBR-806.html
Vicky and Richard Fox

Choice of heuchera

This question was asked by
mrs jean graham

My brother has had numerous heuchera from you. I would like 2 heucheras to grow in a tub {not big tub} -this would be south facing. Also 2 heuchera to plant in garden, these would be north facing and in clay soil, which gets boggy if we have a lot of rain. I would much appreciate it if you could advise me, then I could either collect as we are local or pay for delivery. Your help would be really appreciated Thanks

Hi Jean
A great variety for the full sun is heuchera Tangerine wave it goes a really lovely orangy red with pink underside to the foliage and cream flowers . Planted with Heuchera Black Taffeta which has shiny slight ruffled leaves and very pale pink flowers
Two lovely varieties
The other position is not right for heucheras really as they don’t like to be too wet

Hope this helps you
Thank you—villosa-x–Tangerine-Wave—Fox-Series-TM–937.html
Vicky and Richard Fox

Do you sell heuchera ‘Creme Brulee ‘

This question was asked by
Clare Abolins

Hello, I’m looking for a heuchera called creme brulee but can’t see it on your site. Do you ever have it?
Thanks, Clare

Hi Claire.
We no longer sell that variety (well at least for the time being)
We sell other orange heucheras that are a much better variety now.
Every now and again we might sell a few of them to satisfy the collectors.
Although at this time we have no plans to run a crop through
All orange heucheras can be brought up on the search button
Sorry I can’t be more helpful—-Creme-Brulee–PBR-55.html
Vicky and Richard Fox

Trailing Heucherella for full sun

This question was asked by
Ken Stevens

Could you please advise the best trailing heucherella to put in hanging baskets which get full sun in the afternoon please

Hi Ken
The best trailing heucherella for full sun is Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’
Please see link below—-Redstone-Falls–PBR-811.html

Vicky and Richard Fox

Difference between Heuchera and Heucherella?

This question was asked by
Jan Downing

Hi, what are the differences between heucheras and heucherellas?

Hi Jan
A heucherella is an intergenic hybrid between a tiarella and a heuchera
They do this to get all the best bits if both plants
Heuchera has lots of different colours
Tiarella has lovely shaped leaves, so cross the two together and hopefully you will get a fabulous coloured heucherella with nice shaped leaves ….something different !

Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox