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Which heucheras tolerate the sun ?

This question was asked by
Lindsay B

Which heuchera tolerate full sun? (if any) please

Hi Lindsay
There are lots that love the sun
All the black, purple, many of the orange (not all) all the reds and some greens but NOT lime green.
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Thomas’ TM (Fox series) (1220)

Vicky and Richard Fox

heuchera coco when will it be in stock

This question was asked by
Geraldine C

will this plant ever be available in this country as you now have a price for it and I left message to contact me when in ,as I would like 3 plants for a pets resting place
Thank you
Geraldine Claridge

Hi Geraldine
It has been a couple of years since we had it.
Sadly we are not allowed to propagate this variety as it has a PBR which we don’t own the rights to.
I do keep trying to get it by ordering the plug plants from labs that do have the rights.
However nothing has come of our 2019 order yet. First of all they said it was coming and now I’ve heard nothing.
There is still time and I will tbe chasing it it up regularly.
This is the problem with many of the ‘out of stock’ varieties.
I could sell loads if I could get them so don’t worry I will always be on the case (it’s in my interests as well as yours) it’s very frustrating!
I can’t even offer you a substitute as there isn’t anything quite like it ..its a beautiful variety.
Sorry once again
Fingers crossed I find some soon
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera ‘Coco’ (1056)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Ground Elder

This question was asked by
Jill P

Is there any way to get rid of the dreaded Ground Elder in a border which is established with lovely plants?
I try to dig out and carefully ease but it is an endless task.
Any suggestion that might help please.

Thanking you

Hi jill
I am sorry I don’t have any magic cure or magic tricks sadly.
But here is a link to the RHS advise concerning ground elder.
Hope this helps
Keep up the good work
I know it can be done as my neighbour had trouble years ago and followed rhs advise and now has no problems.
Good luck x

Vicky and Richard Fox

Pot Size for 3 average sized heucheras

This question was asked by
Dorothy D

Please could you advise on pot size needed for heucheras. Possibly 3 to a pot? And what plants would you suggest as a contrast of shapes etc. which need the same growing conditions.

Many thanks.

Hi dorothy
Three plants in an 18inch pot would be great.
Heres a couple of combinations that would work
As you dont say if its sun or shade
I’ve done one of each

Pot for sun
Heuchera violet shimmer
Heuchera Rio
Heuchera glitter or Thomas

Pot for shade
Heuchera sweet caroline
Heucherella brass lantern,
Tiarella emerald ellie

Hope this helps

Kind regards vicky

Heuchera ‘Glitter’ (1234)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Visiting the nursery

This question was asked by
Jean T

When is the nursery next open to the public please?

Hi Jean
The next open days are the 22nd & 23rd June 10am closing at 4pm everyone welcome.
If you want to come before then, we do open the nursery by appointment. Mornings are always best but you must make arrangements prior to visit.
Hope you can make it one day.
Kind regards vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox