Summer Garden Planning

With the cold temperatures outside it may be hard to imagine the flowers and plants in your garden coming to life, but winter is a great time to start thinking about what you will plant for your summer garden.

Heucheras are hardy evergreen perennials, a great choice for any garden as many flower all spring and summer and they are easy to take care of. They love well drained soil, and don’t like to be too wet.

As they have a wide variety of colourful leaves, they are great as ground covers or to add some colour to borders. Different varietals will grow in different aspects (full sun, full shade or partial sun/shade) so you can find a plant for almost any position in your garden.

Mixing heuchera, heucherella, and tiarella can give a pretty effect with the mix of small and larger leaves and flower stems. They also mix well when planted with other plant varietals, so you can give your garden a full varied look.

We will soon be adding Penstemon Pentastic series (pictured above) to our website, bred by my brother. You can find out more information including growing here.

We’ve been hard at work getting all of our plants in top shape to send out soon, so have a look in our shop and start planning out your summer garden. You can search by colour, aspect and plant variety to make things easier. If you want to peruse our plants yourself, visit us on our first open days March 31st-April 2nd to stock up on plants and get advice from us, not to mention some delicious home made cake while you’re here!

Welcome to the weekend

The days are getting longer, light levels are rising and I can’t wait to get into the garden , can you ?
I have planning what to do in it for months (probably won’t get much time in it but I can dream)

Heuchera Heucherella & Tiarella at RHS Tatton flower show last year showing the range of colour, shape and size.


I look at the combinations used in our displays and ache for more time in the garden
You can create similar displays in your gardens very easily using heucheras
Luckily heucheras are fairy easy to grow and grow fast too
Making more time to sit and enjoy
They mix well with other plants. They are evergreen and very hardy

Heucheras at Southport Flower Show last August showing the contrasting colours and flowers.


The colours are like they are taken from a painters pallet

There is always something for every position in the garden too.

Have a great weekend and happy gardening 🙂

‘Show Time’ count down 25 days to RHS Wisley Spring Plant Fair

Plantagogo at RHS Wisley 27th - 29th March 2015

RHS Wisley Spring Plant Fair Plantagogo selling lots of Heuchera, Heucherella & Tiarella.

Its a great start to the Spring gardening season

The marquees have a small and friendly atmosphere about them and of course great inspiration for all our gardens.

Loads of expert advise offer to help you get the right plant plant for the right place.

Heuchera, heucherella & Tiarella cornucopia of colour.

Heuchera, Heucherella & Tiarella cornucopia of colour will be available on Plantagogos Stand at ‘RHS Wisley Spring Plant Fair’ in Floral Marquee C (the largest marquee.)

So much to see on plantagogo stand who are Rhs Chelsea Gold medal winner 2009,10,11,12,13,& 2014 at Rhs Wisley this Spring.

Plantagogo stand floral marquee C so much colour from Heucheras

To find out more about ‘RHS Wisley Spring Plant Fair’ and what else is going on follow the link below

Rhs Wisley Gardens in Spring

Rhs Wisley Gardens in Spring look great full of spring gems

More pictures in my next blog of Wisley gardens keep your eye open for it 🙂

Please ‘share’ it with your friends -The more the merrier, so that no one misses out on this great event 🙂

Glamorous Heuchera ‘Lipstick’


Heuchera Lipstick is the best red flowering Heuchera of the moment!

Heuchera 'Lipstick' the only true red!

Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ so glamorous!

Just as iconic stars of Hollywood wore bright red lipstick ….Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe, adding glamour to our screens. Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ adds some glamour to our gardens.

Heuchera 'Lipstick in our 2014 Chelsea display

Heuchera ‘Lipstick in our 2014 Chelsea display

We used Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ to give our display some Hollywood glamour in our Gold medal winning 2014 Chelsea Flower Show display.

I think she managed it, with Heucherella ‘Brass Lantern’ (the coppery one in the center)

Our leading man Heucherella ‘Brass Lantern’, is flanked either side with the two leading ladies Heuchera ‘Lipstick’.

You all seemed to love it, making it our most popular Heuchera of our 2014 Chelsea display.

Look up Chelsea flower show 2015 maybe get some tickets …we will be there maybe we will have our Hollywood superstar Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ on display

Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ flowering for such long period.

Loving sun or part shade makes her a great garden plant.

She just keeps on giving week after week, month after month.

To keep her looking glamorous, dead when needed as this will make her flower for even longer!

It also to keep the whole plant looking tidy.

She has long slender black stems too making those red flowers pop even more, as they ascend from the low mounding silvery green foliage.

Heuchera 'Lipstick' the most amazing red flowers

Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ the most amazing red flowers on tall slender black stems.

She can go in the border or in pots mixes well with Heuchera and Heucherella as well as other perennials, even annuals. You can plant a single plant or put 3 or more together for impact.

In the border you could make a swath running through like a river to connect other parts of the garden together.

There are lots of uses for such a glamorous lady. Have fun and enjoy!

Fabulous Darling!

Hahaha… Well if you can’t have a bit of fun…

Maybe see you all at Chelsea 2015 where we might have some new rising stars to maybe pick up an Oscar of their own ??