How do I care for my older Heucheras?

This question was asked by
Nicola Smith

Some of my older Heucheras now bear their leaves on a woody stem that stands proud of the soil. Should I dig them up and replant them so the leaves are level with the soil? If so, when is the best time to do this?

Hi Nicola
Heuchera can raise up out of the ground as they get older usually 3-5 years, some varieties do it faster than others,
The cure is quite easy really…
Dig them up and plant them lower, never plant them lower than the crown, that is the top of the stalk where the leaves are growing from.
If you do they can go rotten.
Spring is the best time to do this really.
If you want to do something now mound the soil up around the stalk until Spring, remembering to never bury the crown.
We had to do this to our Heuchera ‘Cafe Ole’ in the garden last spring as they were getting leggy, by the Summer they were looking great.—-Cafe-Ole–PBR-635.html
Vicky and Richard Fox