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Trailing Heucherella for full sun

This question was asked by
Ken Stevens

Could you please advise the best trailing heucherella to put in hanging baskets which get full sun in the afternoon please

Hi Ken
The best trailing heucherella for full sun is Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’
Please see link below—-Redstone-Falls–PBR-811.html

Vicky and Richard Fox

Difference between Heuchera and Heucherella?

This question was asked by
Jan Downing

Hi, what are the differences between heucheras and heucherellas?

Hi Jan
A heucherella is an intergenic hybrid between a tiarella and a heuchera
They do this to get all the best bits if both plants
Heuchera has lots of different colours
Tiarella has lovely shaped leaves, so cross the two together and hopefully you will get a fabulous coloured heucherella with nice shaped leaves ….something different !

Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Can I have a catalogue?

This question was asked by
paul graham

I am a landscape designer based in Worcestershire and am interested in your stock.
I am currently designing a cottage garden and came across your Geums.. It would be good to see if there is more in your stock that I could use.

Many thanks
Paul Graham,
Artesian Designs.

Hi Paul
Thank you for your email
Sadly we no longer do a catalogue as we find many things sell out quickly then it becomes difficult to control
So we it do it online sorry
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Order arrival time?

This question was asked by
deb ikin

Hello 🙂

I placed an order on 1st July for three plants.

I’ve had an email confirming the order and that it will be coming by courier but no expected delivery date.

Please could you tell me when roughly this is due and if I’ll get an email to tell me when its coming?

Thank you

Hi Deb
Thank you for your order
We had left for Hampton court flower show
So no orders are shipped this week sadly
Yours will be I think in the Tuesday or Wednesday orders.
You should get an email to say when they are shipped from the courier
Hope that’s ok ?
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Order just made

This question was asked by
Mark Taylor

I just placed an order for 3 heuchera lipstick. If I am not home when they are delivered, am I able to contact you to specify a safe place to leave them?


Mark Taylor

Hi Mark
Normally we say no to leaving safe but if your happy to stand the risk that’s ok
Usually we prefer a signature–Lipstick–PBR-723.html

Vicky and Richard Fox