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Heuchera Lipstick

This question was asked by
Chris R

Iā€™m going to the Malvern autumn show and wondered if I could order a Heuchera lipstick from you and pick it up there. I will be there on Sunday 30th september. Thanks

Hi Chris
We do have lipstick available
We are at Harrogate show at the moment
We do a ‘click and collect’ service online
Click the link below go to checkout once you’ve picked what you would like .
At the checkout go to collect from nursery and press the drop down bar malvern autumn show, then add what day your coming to special notes and check out as normal
Hope that helps
Hope to see you at Malvern
Kind regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ (723)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Hanging basket plants

This question was asked by
Sylvia C

I am wanting to create a 16″ basket for Autumn/Winter with a little trailing if possible.

Can you please advise plants required. Colour is not important as I love them all.

i bought some from Richard at the Southport Flower show and they are looking great.

Hi Sylvia
Thanks for your question
I have attached link below for one of the best plants for hanging baskets
It would nice if you mixed it with other upright heucheras, that way it isn’t all hanging down with a flat top, if you see what I mean?
You didn’t say if it was sun or shade
So assuming it sun heuchera marmalade or gojiberry is good in a basket, with maybe a heuchera shimmering violet to give a colour contrast
If it’s shady choose limes to go with the Redstone falls as they grow very well in shade and would give the basket a bit of contrast.
Heucheras like lime marmalade, heucherella catching fire etc
To make the basket very full 4-5 plants but if your ok to let it grow a bit (it wont take long choose 3-4 plants
Hope this helps
Kind regards
Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’ (811)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Wheelchair friendly or not??

This question was asked by
Christine M

Hi – would love to come to your open day this month but just wondering about facilities for a wheelchair user. I’m thinking about the ground surface and more importantly toilet facilities. If not suitable I still hope to come on my own. Thank you for your time. Christine XX

Hi Christine
Thank you for your enquiry
We sadly are fully not wheelchair friendly all over the nursery, but we do have people who come with wheel chairs and are very welcome.
The drive unfortunately is gravel but is old gravel so not as tricky as when it was first put down .
We do have nice concrete paths around some are small as its working nursery and not open to the public often.
But we have a lovely wide concrete path that runs the length of the nursery, and in the national collection.
The toilets are sadly up at least 1 step which ever way you go and it’s only one toilet, probably not big enough for a wheel chair but not sure.
The people that have used it in a wheelchair can usually walk a step or two with help.
There is room for more than one person to help manoeuvre the person in the wheel chair (probably not in the chair though)
Richard and I would be happy to help around the nursery if a bit of muscle is needed šŸ™‚
I am sorry it’s not fully wheel chair friendly it’s an expense that we haven’t been able to afford yet but we hope to sort in the future funds permitting.
I hope this helps
Looking forward to seeing you and gooefully your friend on the open weekend
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox

Heuchera Citronelle good in dry or wet shade?

This question was asked by
Sarah H

can you let me know if Heuchera thrive in dry or wet shade? I have dry shade.
Many thanks

Hi Sarah
All heucheras hate wet ground
They like some water but die in wet
So if it’s very dry you may have to water now and again in hot weather and until it’s established
They are hybrids from north American woodland plants so that gives you some idea
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky
Heuchera ‘Citronelle’ (738)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Catalogue request

This question was asked by
Jane D

I would like to request a catalogue of your heucheras please if you have one.

Hi Jane
I am sorry we no longer do a catalogue as they are out of date as soon as it goes to print.
Also they cost a lot of money, these days not many people want to pay for them!
So we only have the online catalogue now sorry
You can print the pages if you want to to make your own catalogue
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox