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Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Another year down at RHS Chelsea, and this year saw gorgeous weather for most of it! We ecstatically brought home our 11th gold Chelsea medal to add to our collection.

We went with an educational display, which still takes a few days to set up. Here’s some photos of our setting up process.

Having a well earned tea break!
The lovely Carol Klein on our display after filming for tonight’s programme on BBC2 Chelsea coverage talking about our new variety Heuchera ‘Burgundy Bil’l and showing in the picture Heuchera ‘Cool dude’ too! Also taking about our new Award of garden Merits at the RHS.

We met lots of lovely customers, and hopefully made some new ones! It was an eventful year, we even helped out another exhibitor finish their display due to an injury. As always we were flat out but loved meeting everyone and chatting about gardening.

You can see more behind the scenes photos from RHS Chelsea Flower Show and more shows we attend on our Facebook page here. Give us a like while you’re there so you can get updates!

RHS Malvern Spring Show 2019

Malvern Spring show was another great one, and saw us bringing home a gold! Here’s a few photos from the show, and that’s Richard up there peeping through the hanging baskets!

We will try and bring some hanging baskets to sell at the shows as they are proving to be quite popular among our customers.

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We’re getting ready for RHS Chelsea next! So keep an eye out for some behind the scenes snaps on our social media.

Harrogate Spring Show 2019

Richard got the lucky job of staying at Harrogate show and holding down the stand while Vicky drove back and forth handling the nursery. It’s hard being in two places at once! But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have all you lovely customers to thank as well for your continued support, so thank you!

Here’s some photos from our setup at this years Harrogate spring show, and our lovely Premier Gold medal to add to our collection.

At many of our shows, don’t forget we offer a click and collect service. We unfortunately can’t bring all our plants, so if there’s something specific you’re wanting, this is a great option to make sure you get the plants you want to add to your garden.

You also save the postage bit, leaving you more money for more plants! When you go to checkout, just make sure it is an option at the show you plan on attending.

Southport Flower Show 2018

This year at the Southport flower show we tried something else inside the flower marquee for our display, we’ve done similar ones when we’ve been located outside before. It paid off as we were rewarded with a new gold medal to add to our growing collection. It was a fab weekend with lots of amazing exhibitors.

Heucherella ‘Cracked Ice’ went down well, with it’s pretty foliage changing colours with the seasons it’s a great addition to any garden. In the summer it is a blue/green, while in the spring and autumn it gets a lovely silvery pink overlay.

Our next show is RHS Wisley the 4th-9th September, and after that will be Harrogate Autumn show September 14th-16th, we have our click and collect offer going for both shows, so if you’re thinking of ordering plants and will be attending the show, you’ve got a couple weeks to decide.

RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show 2018

RHS Hyde Hall just seems to grow bigger ever year! It’s much bigger than it used to be, more to see, more to do, and of course more plants to buy! With the heatwave we’ve been having we had fantastic blue skies and heat the whole show.

Lucky for us Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella are drought tolerant plants, they are hardy evergreens and do ok with little water. A little water goes a long way with them and they can withstand dry periods.

We brought along some fabulous Kniphofia as well, “Pineapple popsicle” a vibrant yellow, and “Redhot popsicle” with cinnamon red flowers.