Are date for open correct on website ?

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Janet R

Can you confirm if your nursery will be open 21, 22, 23 September this year. I had made a note from Malvern fair that you were. However on checking this site it does not mention it. In fact the relevant pages have not been updated at all for this year.

Many thanks Janet

Hi janet
Yes it’s the 21st,22nd & 23rd September
I can’t see what your seeing janet
I have just checked and the banner at the top of the home page it has in there correct, the 2018 calender of events is correct see link below
The events
Has all the last year events on including a box with 2018 events
See link below
Hopefully the links I’ve added work so you can see what I am seeing ?
I wonder if you have a ‘cached’ page your looking at us through..if so re-type in the search bar to bring up a fresh page and look again see if things have changed
Hope that helps
Maybe see you at the open weekend ?
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox