Choices of trailing heucherellas

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Peta T

In my baskets this year I want to use Ipomea Sweet Caroline and Begonia Firewings Orange and thought trailing heucherellas would be good too. I can only see one that trails as long as 60cm, can you suggest any others and which ones would you suggest. Was thinking of maybe adding a blue flower in there too somewhere.
Your help before on Heucheras are growing well in the garden.
Many thanks.
Peta Tebby

Hi Peta
Redstone falls
Yellowstone falls
Autumn cascade
All have long trailers
Tiarella Appalachian trail also will do the trick
The size it says on the website is onky approximate alerts if factors change the sizes a little.
We will ha having those ready for April time hopefully
The tiarellas are ready now and heucherella autumn cascade
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Heucherella ‘Autumn Cascade’ (SKU18256)

Vicky and Richard Fox