Do you ship plants to USA?

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Celia L

I live in the US, and have been searching for this plant for awhile now, but can’t seem to find a US source. I see it on your website, but I’m not sure if you ship to the United States. My order would be very small, so I don’t know if you would even consider it. Thanks for your response!
Celia Leibacher
Nashville TN
P.S. For very a special reason, I really want this plant!

Hi Celia
I am sorry we don’t send to the USA
There is too much red tape and expense to make it worth while
I am sure someone in USA will sell it
You could try one of these nurseries below
They might not sell it but they might know someone who does
(Terra nova nurseriea should know but I don’t think they sell to the public )
Hope this helps
Kind regards

NB Links in no particular order


Heucherella ‘Kimono’ (761)
Vicky and Richard Fox