Getting Ready for BBC Gardeners World Live


It’s been a full week getting ready for BBC Gardeners World Live. We got the van packed up the night before we left for an early start on Tuesday. Once we arrived we got right to work planting our display!



Managed to sneak away for a few photos of what everyone else was doing, some of the displays were already coming along really nicely.



Once we got all the plants where wanted them, it was just a matter of filling them in and making sure our moss was as perfect as it could be.





Here’s our mostly finished display! Was a bit of work but we are loving the colour combinations, everything looks so fresh and bright. We’ll just have a tidy and make sure everything is perfect for judging later today. Will keep you updated after the weekend on the rest of the show.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for BBC Gardeners World Live

  1. Just love these updates and pictures of what you are up to.
    Gives me great pleasure and I just love what you do with these amazing plants.

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