Advice on Looking after Heuchera

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Urszula B

Hello. I’m very sorry to bother you but I have just ordered some heucheras from you. I’m going to plant them in containers/for the patio display/. What kind of compost should I use? /Multipurpose or multipurpose with John Innes/.Should I also mix the compost with some potting grit? How often do I need to feed my plants and what kind of food is the best for them/ slow release or liquid food every week/? I have heard that heucheras do not like a lot of food.
Many thank for your advise.

Hi urszula
Thank you for your orders
Hope your enjoying your plants.
Any type of multi purpose compost no need for John innes
You can put grit in the bottom as that aids drainage
Your right Heucher as don’t need too much feed ..We think the best feed is a bit of slow release in the pot and a feed with liquid seaweed once every couple of months to make them grow beautifully xx
Hope this helps
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Vicky and Richard Fox