Is it possible to collect an order?

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Joan kelly

Is it possible to collect an order?

Hi Joan
It is possible to collect an order from the nursery or at the shows.

To collect from the nursery
You need to order online then click ‘collect from nursery’ at check out, from the drop down box.
Then email to make a time and date which suits us both for you to collect. we are only open by appointment and open days.

To collect from a show
Order your plants online then select ‘collect from show’ from the drop down box at check out.
You will have a selection of shows to choose from.

The only thing we ask is that you don’t order too far in front as this creates problems.

Happy ordering 🙂
We have loads of great plants to choose from.
More varieties are becoming available every week as we go into the spring/summer.
Vicky and Richard Fox