Our First Open Day of 2017

Our first open weekend was fun, even though it started off rainy the weather soon cleared so people could have a wander around and spend time picking out their plants.

We put our medals and awards we’ve won throughout the years on display for everyone to have a look at. It wouldn’t be an open day without cake! We of course had our home made cakes with tea and coffee to wash it down.

A great big thank you for all those who came to our first open weekend of the season! Our next ones will be May 6th and 7th if you’d like to come stock up on plants, have a nosey around our nursery and enjoy a slice (or two!) of cake.



3 thoughts on “Our First Open Day of 2017

  1. The plants look great and so do the cakes!! Wish we lived nearer. Congratulations on a successful day.

  2. W have lost two of our Heucheras recently. They seem to lift out of the pots with very shallow roots are dry and brittle. What is the cause of this besides lask of water? Glynis

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