RHS Cardiff Flower Show


It was a big change of display for us at the RHS Cardiff Flower Show, we had a go at educational (not like being at school we hope) with of few fun elements. Lots of useful information for all our customers and the public at the show about Heuchera, Heucherella & Tiarella.

When we arrived we had a lot of setting up to do!

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We based our display around the most asked questions and to help demonstrate all the answers we have given over the years

We hope this means everyone will be able to grow great Heuchera Heucherella & Tiarella they are incredibly easy really. 


We had canvases made for the show and were really pleased at how they came out.



Floating leaves showing the correct position they enjoy by using the colour of the foliage to help you

Floating heucherella foliage


Magnifying glasses show just how pretty the flowers are.

Two Tiarella showing what leaves need removing in spring to keep plants looking lovely and tidy

Two Tiarella showing what leaves need removing in spring to keep plants looking lovely and tidy.




We were judged in a different category than normal…we put together the educational display to achieve a Lindley medal which was bit scary and unknown territory!! We were very proud and surprised to find out that we had gotten a Gold medal in the Floral Marquee awards. Not bad for our first go! 

Thanks to everyone who came out, stopped by our display, and said hi at the event.



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  1. Elizabeth Jones Cambridge

    This looks absolutely fantastic, have never seen such a brilliant display. Gold medal not good enough you need higher than that. The pictures are amazing

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