When will Tiarella Raspberry Sundae be available to buy?

This question was asked by
Heather Robinson

The RHS magazine, The Garden, announced you will introduce Tiarella Raspberry Sundae at the Chelsea flower show.
I would like to buy one and would be grateful if you will let me know as soon as it is available so I can put in an order.
With thanks, Heather.

Hi Heather
Thank you for your interest
Its very pretty, new introduction.
We will have some Tiarella ‘Raspberry Sundae’ TM (Fox Series) online at Chelsea time
They are not available until we’ve launched it at Chelsea
You will be able to register your interest online using the ‘Tell me when available’ button
Then when I make it live you will get an email when they are available to buy.
This is the best way as I get very busy and would hate to forget to remind you and you miss out !
Hope that’s OK

Vicky and Richard Fox