Tidying up your Heucheras

Now is the time to clean up those old heucheras! I did mine this weekend and while they don’t look great now, they will soon!

Here’s what I do – Get out as much chaff and old leaves as you can, without damaging any new shoots. Make sure to clean off old compost and decomposing leaves around the container.
This lets light into the crown, then the plant can rejuvenate and grow.

Then you need to top dress with compost and a bit of slow release feed mixed in, making sure you don’t bury the crown. Then water with a seaweed based feed to give them a boost it get them growing



2 thoughts on “Tidying up your Heucheras

  1. will you be at the Malvern show in May and have plenty of heuchera plants for sale

    • Yes we will be there, and with lots of plants. If there’s anything specific you are wanting, you can use our ‘click and collect’ option for that show.

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