Coral Bouquet

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Liz Dolan

Hi I spoke to you at Chelsea yesterday and asked about Heuchera Coral Bouquet. You advised me to put myself on the waiting list but can’t find the plant on your list. I am hoping this message will suffice. Many thanks and congratulations on another Gold medal!

Hi liz
Sadly I can’t add you to the list this way
Please will you look at the link below and you should see the’ tell me when ready” tab just click that, then you should be able to add your email.
If you can’t see the tab just click the arrows or the picture to take you onto the next page. Where there is loads more information.
Sorry some peoples divices see it slightly differently
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera cylindrica x brizoides ‘Coral Bouquet’ (907)

Heuchera cylindrica x brizoides ‘Coral Bouquet’ (907)

Vicky and Richard Fox