Out of stock items ??

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Love the site, love the plants.

Please include an in stock filter as it is disheartening to scroll through all the things I can’t have.



Hi Frank
I will look at that, but if you look at the ‘Quick Shop’ section.
To find this it’s on the tab across the top on the home page on computer or if on your mobile phone go to the 3 bars that drops the sections to look at and select ‘Quick Buy’ that only has on it the things that are available to buy now.
If in the normal.heuchera page for instants
If you see ‘sold out ‘ and the ‘ tell me when back in stock’ click on the picture to find out when they are ready
I try to give an idea what time of year they will be available
Soon lots will be coming on for sale I hope
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox