When do you replenish your stock?

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Sue S

When do you replenish your stock

Hi Sue
We replenish all the time as fast as we can
We are only a two man band (husband and wife team)
We grow all we sell!
We don’t buy in plants as most nurseries these day do
So when we’ve sold out we dont get any more until they have grown again.
Some plants as it says on the web we only grow if there’s enough demand (ie customer put their email to be told when back in stock)
When there’s enough demand we might grow 100 of that particular variety .!
Then when they have gone … they have gone! We don’t have endless supplies.
Stock is replenished all the time, however common sense is applied as there are over 500 varieties which we don’t want ready now, as come November many people will stop gardening
If you see a plant or two you want best to buy it when it’s there.
Even high street stores don’t carry every line all the time
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox