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How should I trim back my heucheras?

This question was asked by
– Peter Mcswiggan

should i trim back the heucheras-they areneeding some attention–thank you PETER

Hi Peter
January is not a good month to trim them back.
Wait until you can see fresh growth coming through, usually about March/April time. Then you can trim off the old foliage.
Leaving the foliage on over the winter months will help protect the crown from the winter wet.
If you feel they are going rotten due to being over wet, the best thing to do is to plant them into containers, if already in containers check the drainage.
Many Heuchera look great in containers even if its only to get them away from wet borders in winter, then come the spring when the weather improves you can plant back into the garden.
Heuchera ‘Beaujolais’ does very well in containers on our patio

Vicky and Richard Fox

Heucheras are Great for Winter Colour

berry-smoothie(Heuchera Berry Smoothie)

Heucheras are great for some winter colour for your flower beds and borders. Just look how gorgeous these frosty beauties look around our nursery after our first frost last week! As they are hardy perennials, they can normally withstand the colder temperatures and some varieties even retain their brightly coloured foliage.


Heuchera Tangerine Wave has pretty cascading colours of green, yellow, orange and pink with even brighter under foliage colours.


h-autumn-cascade-and-phoebes-blush(Heucherella Autumn Cascade and Heuchera Phoebe’s Blush)

fire-alarm(Heuchera Fire Alarm)

h-apple-crisp-and-silver-celebration(Heuchera Silver Celebration and Apple Crisp)

All our plants ship to you in big 1 litre pots so that they have developed roots and are ready to be planted. They would make fantastic Christmas presents for the plant lovers in your life as they can be planted straight away. Order by December 10 to receive your plants in time for Christmas. Want to give the gift of plants but don’t think someone will want to plant them this time of year? We also sell gift vouchers here.

Plant in the Sun or Plant in the Shade

A good rule of thumb to remember (not set in stone but a great guide) is that like pale skin, the paler coloured leaves like Lime greens, yellows, and all heucherella and tiarella need more shade from the full sun to stop them burning up!

Richer colours like the reds, oranges, purples and black love full sun as well as light shade. Why not make room in your garden for evergreen hardy plants like these.


These colours can all go in partial shade if you wanted to plant them all together.


These colours can all go in partial shade together.


These colours can all go in full sun as well as partial shade.


These colours can all go in full shade as well as partial shade.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours for a truly spectacular look in your garden. As you can see from the first two photos all these can be planted in the same aspect to give you a kaleidoscope of colours!

October Featured Plants


Heuchera ‘Silver Celebration’ is great for full sun or partial shade, with a gorgeous bright pink underside of the foliage. They are hardy evergreen and great for winter colour 
Can be used in pots, hanging baskets, raised beds, living walls, borders, woodland etc.


Heuchera ‘Black Taffeta’ has shiny black ruffled foliage and white flowers in summer too!
Great for full sun, it’s hardy and evergreen.


Heuchera ‘Carmencita’ is new for 2016 with fabulous foliage from pink-red to deep red changing with the seasons. When flowering it has pretty pink flowers.



Now is a great time to plant Tiarella ‘Angel Wings’ so that is established for spring. This is it in flower in the autumn but in the spring it’s covered in pretty starry wands of foaming flowers! Hardy & evergreen like part shade to full shade. Looks perfect with bulbs and spring flowers as well as Summer when it will complement your borders and pots.

For a planting suggestion why not try 3 plants in a 12 – 18 inch pot would look just amazing! 3 Heucheras would look great in containers together either mixed or all the same variety which would be evergreen and hardy and give good colour all winter.

For added interest you could plant bulbs around like miniature daffodils, crocus snowdrops etc.

Make sure that the pot you use has good drainage (Broken crocks, pebbles, grit, or ever polystyrene pieces) using little feet under the pot is a great way to ensure the rain runs through.

Happy planting!